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NPH Mexico: Food Production Recovers from Storm Damage
Jun. 4 - Mexico
A storm in 2020 reduced the tomato and cucumber crops at Casa San Salvador, causing a food shortage during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, NPH Mexico is taking steps to recover from the setback.
Crops, Cows, and the Children's Garden: The Agriculture Program of NPH Bolivia
Jun. 4 - Bolivia
With such a varying climate, the agriculture program of NPH Bolivia needs to be flexible with how it plants and harvests its crops, while also maximizing the learning opportunities of the children.
Josué: Dedicated to Building Sustainable Skills
Jun. 4 - Nicaragua
Josué’s family comes from a long line of plantain producers. Now, as part of a farming apprenticeship, he is learning about large-scale plantain production to help feed the NPH Nicaragua family.
NPH Honduras: Leading the Way in Sustainable Development Projects
Jun. 4 - Honduras
Climate change and food shortages pose great challenges for all NPH homes. NPH Honduras is implementing sustainable projects that help feed the children and better utilize natural resources and protect the environment.
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Marcial: “The Value of a Glass of Milk”
Jun. 4 - El Salvador
This year, NPH El Salvador has enabled a year of service youth to gain experience on the farm. Initially, Marcial was skeptical. Now, he has learned the hard work it takes to produce a glass of milk for his NPH family.
José Luis Barán: An NPH Graduate Committed to Zero Hunger
May 25 - Guatemala
José Luis Barán had a tough start to life. However, through his love of farming and NPH’s help, he went to university and now implements sustainable programs to fight hunger in communities inside and outside of NPH.
St. Damien Saves Bobbi from Malnourishment
May 24 - Haiti
Malnourishment is one of the biggest causes for child mortality in Haiti. For Bobbi, it was almost too late, but the nutrition specialists at NPH St. Damien Pediatric Hospital gave the 2-year-old a fighting chance.
Margareth & Son Saved by Neonatology Unit
May 21 - Haiti
Margareth is a young mother who has fought against many challenges, especially for the life of her son, born under difficult conditions at St. Damien Hospital in the Neonatology Unit.
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  3,308 supported children
  166 new arrivals
  51 university graduates
  326 high school graduates
  59 full time volunteers
  512 Holy Sacraments
  107,749 services provided through community programs


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May 21 - Mexico
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