New Mattresses for Children’s Beds 

One of the issues that arise year after year in our main home is the limited supply of new mattresses available for our girls and boys. After years of use, their quality decreases, making them uncomfortable and unsanitary. Sleeping on an old mattress is counterproductive to the body and can cause body aches and sleep deprivation. We do not want our children to endure these conditions. We want to be able to offer them a comfortable place to sleep and rest, so they can be their best selves and do well in school. 
All boys and girls have their own mattress but it is necessary to replace them with new ones in order to continue to guarantee the health and well-being of the children under our care. Buying these mattresses is not easy since they are different measurements than those found commercially in department stores, since our beds were made by a blacksmith. 
It is very important to be able to make this purchase of 150 new mattresses in order to continue guaranteeing the health and well-being to our boys and girls and provide them with a clean place to sleep. 
Our mattresses are special sizes since the bedframes we have are made by the blacksmith in our technical high school.


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Kids from Mexico sitting on mattresses