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Jun. 4 - Bolivia
Crops, Cows, and the Children's Garden: The Agriculture Program of NPH Bolivia
With such a varying climate, the agriculture program of NPH Bolivia needs to be flexible with how it plants and harvests its crops, while also maximizing the learning opportunities of the children.
Jun. 4 - Haiti
Overcoming a Difficult Childhood to Now Help to Feed Haiti
When Jacqueson lost his parents at a young age, his world fell apart. However, NPFS took him in and gave him the education to establish a career in agronomy. Today, he aims to pass on this knowledge to his NPH siblings.
Jun. 4 - Honduras
NPH Honduras Strengthens Community Through Agricultural Workshops and Girl Empowerment Groups
The COVID-19 crisis left the Cruz family on the brink of starvation. Thanks to the youth and agricultural workshops at the San José Family Center, it has built young community leaders to support their families, like Ana.
Jun. 4 - Honduras
NPH Honduras: Leading the Way in Sustainable Development Projects
Climate change and food shortages pose great challenges for all NPH homes. NPH Honduras is implementing sustainable projects that help feed the children and better utilize natural resources and protect the environment.
Jun. 4 - Mexico
NPH Mexico: Food Production Recovers from Storm Damage
A storm in 2020 reduced the tomato and cucumber crops at Casa San Salvador, causing a food shortage during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, NPH Mexico is taking steps to recover from the setback.
Jun. 4 - Nicaragua
Josué: Dedicated to Building Sustainable Skills
Josué’s family comes from a long line of plantain producers. Now, as part of a farming apprenticeship, he is learning about large-scale plantain production to help feed the NPH Nicaragua family.
May 14 - Haiti
Civil Unrest and Insecurity Impacts St. Damien Pediatric Hospital
In recent years, the situation in Haiti has deteriorated rapidly, making the country almost unlivable. St. Damien Hospital is one of the institutions that continues to fight on.
May 13 - International
International Day of Families: What Does it Mean to be Poor?
Every 15 May, the United Nations and the international community recognize the importance of families. Markus Streit looks at how poverty impacts the family unit and children in the countries that we serve.
Apr. 20 - El Salvador
How Good Nutrition Builds the Complete Child
Malnutrition has serious consequences on the short- and long-term development of a child. Therefore, NPH ensures all children maintain a nutritious diet to thrive physically and mentally. NPH El Salvador explains how.
Apr. 16 - El Salvador
From Ill Health to Academic Excellence
Alexandra comes from a very low-income family. She came to NPH El Salvador with many ailments. She is now excelling as a community student at our school. See how NPH turns lives around, in more ways than one.
Apr. 16 - Haiti
BLOG: Our COVID-19 Protection Ladies
A dedicated team of ladies have been supporting staff and patients in our Special Needs Program at NPH Haiti with PPE clothing and equipment during COVID-19 to enable services to remain open.
Apr. 16 - Honduras
NPH Honduras Helps 800 Families Affected by Storms Eta and Iota
International organizations and foreign donors support NPH Honduras in bringing hope to more than 1,000 people in northern Honduras through a medical and psychological brigade and delivering biosafety supplies and food.
Apr. 16 - Mexico
Protecting NPH Mexico from Second Wave of COVID-19
After an alarming increase in COVID-19 cases in the state of Morelos, NPH Mexico tightens health protocols to protect two of the homes with the largest populations.
Apr. 16 - Mexico
NPH Mexico: Healthcare for All
Hector is 5-years-old and Teresa is 47. Even though there is a 42-year age gap, they do have something in common: they have had to overcome health obstacles with help from NPH Mexico.
Apr. 8 - International
Holy Week with the NPH Family
The Holy Week is focal event in the NPH calendar, which is celebrated throughout the nine homes, to help children learn about the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Christ, and also enjoy the Easter vacation.
Mar. 29 - International
Holy Week: Inspire Us to New Hope
2020 and 2021 have brought many challenges to the NPH family. Now, Miguel Venegas, the Executive Director of NPHI, sends a message of hope to the NPH family this Easter, as well as reflection on core Christian values.

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