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Nov. 16 - Dominican Republic
Our Voices: Lisset from NPH Dominican Republic
Lisset from NPH Dominican Republic tells us of her worries during the COVID-19 pandemic in her "Our Voices" letter.
Nov. 16 - Peru
Our Voices: Elvis from NPH Peru
Elvis was the first child at NPH Peru. In the letter series, "Our Voices," he recounts some valuable memories of the beginning of NPH in Peru and how the pandemic changed his plans in the final part of his studies.
Nov. 13 - Nicaragua
Our Voices: Katherine from NPH Nicaragua
Katherine is a university student and employee at NPH Nicaragua. As part of the Our Voices series, she shares her thoughts on the COVID-19 pandemic and importance of having a godparent in her life.
Nov. 6 - Bolivia
Our Voices: Marisabel from NPH Bolivia
Despite the uncertain times during the pandemic, Marisabel feels comfort knowing she has her godparents in her life.
Nov. 6 - Bolivia
Patricia Rueda Becomes New National Director of NPH Bolivia
Having previously led the Human Resources Department at our Casa Padre Wasson home, Patricia Rueda has now been appointed National Director of NPH Bolivia.
Nov. 5 - Peru
Our Voices: Renée from NPH Peru
Renée* arrived at NPH Peru just over a year ago. In the series of letters, "Our Voices", she tells us about her days at Casa Santa Rosa, how she feels during the pandemic and her dreams for the future.
Oct. 28 - Dominican Republic
Our Voices: Aroldo of NPH Dominican Republic
As part of the NPH Our Voices series, Aroldo tells us of the importance of being positive during the pandemic, and how he has kept himself busy building skills for the future.
Oct. 28 - Guatemala
Our Voices: April from NPH Guatemala
As part of the NPH Our Voices series, April from NPH Guatemala shares her thoughts about the COVID-19 pandemic and the joys of reading letters from Godparents.
Oct. 21 - Dominican Republic
Our Voices: José from NPH Dominican Republic
José has been living at Casa Santa Ana, NPH Dominican Republic, for the past eight years. Here he shares his thoughts about the COVID-19 and his hopes for the future.
Oct. 14 - Honduras
Our Voices: Margot from NPH Honduras
Margot* is a second-year university student who also helps as an educator and caregiver at NPH Honduras. In this letter, she shares her feelings about the pandemic and how thankful she is to be part of NPH.
Oct. 8 - Bolivia
Our Voices: Mayra from NPH Bolivia
Even though *Mayra is concerned about her family and friends during this pandemic, she knows that she can put her faith in God.
Sep. 28 - Honduras
Our Voices: Julian from NPH Honduras
Welcome to Our Voices: a series of letters written by children and youths in the NPH family. Julian*, who is 15-years-old, begins by telling us about the COVID-19 quarantine at Rancho Santa Fe.
Sep. 28 - Mexico
NPH Mexico: We Pray For You
Children at NPH Mexico share their thoughts and feelings through art work during the COVID-19 pandemic, while also praying that their godparents and donors are safe.
Aug. 19 - Mexico
“Nothing Shall I Fear!”
25 year-of-service youth begin a bold new chapter at university
Jul. 28 - International
Keeping Calm under Quarantine
Caring for mental health can be challenging in a lockdown. A Family Services expert discusses the importance of reassuring teenagers and keeping anxiety at bay.
Jul. 27 - International
The Future of the NPH Volunteer Program
Though the program was suspended earlier this year due to COVID-19, Program Coordinator Lauren Pach says applications are now being accepted for the next term in October.

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