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Sep. 13 - Guatemala
Backpack Campaigns for a Better Country
An NPH Guatemala campaign provides the funds for community scholarships for our neighbors in nearby towns.
Sep. 12 - Peru
Educating Leadership to Break the Cycle of Poverty
NPH goes beyond the traditional education and provides international youth development programs to help form our children into strong leaders.
Sep. 7 - El Salvador
The Importance of Early Childhood Development
Neurological research shows that the early years play a key role in children’s brain development.
Sep. 6 - Haiti
A Visit to Haiti and A Learning Experience
NPH Italy visitor group journal entries.
Sep. 1 - International
Planting Seeds and Making Dreams a Reality
NPH staff complete the three-week Emerging Leaders program at iLEAP
Aug. 27 - Honduras
Making the Wait Worthwhile
NPH Honduras' transition home, Casa Mi Esperanza, celebrates its one-year anniversary.
Aug. 20 - El Salvador
Celebrating 12 Years of Blessings from Heaven
Father William Wasson passed away on August 16, 2006. Since then, he has become an angel for all of the NPH homes.
Aug. 15 - Haiti
Offering Health to Our Communities
A pillar of the community - screenings, immunizations, pre-natal care and health education.
Aug. 14 - Bolivia
Winter Vacation Time – Play time!
This year, our children had two weeks full of joy and fun thanks to a volunteer group of Spaniards, who did sports and other activities with them.
Aug. 14 - Mexico
NPH Mexico Celebrates Its 64th Anniversary!
During this 64 years, NPH Mexico has helped thousands of children!
Aug. 8 - Haiti
Help Us Celebrate Fr. Rick's Birthday!
Your gift helps supports the life-saving work of Fr. Rick and the NPH Haiti teams.
Aug. 6 - Honduras
Educational Success in the NPH OneFamily Program
Ismael* and his family are thriving in school and at home in the NPH OneFamily program.
Aug. 5 - Mexico
Helping Break the Poverty Cycle in Mexico
Graduations 2018: kindergarten, elementary and middle school graduations.
Jul. 31 - Mexico
Little Kids of the Mountains With Big Goals
Ten new children from Pojayal, Chiapas joined the NPH Mexico family!
Jul. 23 - Honduras
NPH Honduras Welcomes Father José Careaga to the Family
NPH Honduras welcomes Father José Careaga as our new on-site, volunteer priest.
Jul. 20 - Mexico
Changes Imply Great Rewards
It is "Change of Sections" day at NPH Mexico!

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