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Jan. 12 - Bolivia
Health and Nutrition Paying off
Maya* speaks about the improvements in nutrition this past year.
Dec. 22 - Haiti
The Christmas Heart
"I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you..."
Dec. 21 - Haiti
Hope and Strength in Green Leaves
Advent and Christmas are the time of hope and joy, of patience and peace, of hard work and miracles.
Dec. 13 - Peru
Celebrating Twelve Years
A recap of our anniversary celebration.
Dec. 12 - Haiti
Signs of Hope in Shiny Tin Roofs
Gena visits the hurricane torn southern part of Haiti.
Dec. 8 - Haiti
Volunteer Gena Heraty Receives Leinster House Human Dignity Award
Special Needs Program Director is honored in her home country of Ireland.
Dec. 8 - Peru
Remembering Christmas Celebrations from Before
How we celebrate at NPH Peru.
Dec. 2 - Bolivia
Preparing for Christmas as a Group
Our youth groups play a big role in our Christmas celebration.
Dec. 2 - Mexico
Christmas Still Remains a Special Time
Michel, an hermano mayor, reflects on his experience and Christmas at NPH Mexico.
Dec. 1 - Honduras
It's the Best and the Busiest of Times
How the religion department and choir get ready for the Christmas season.
Nov. 23 - Honduras
Here Come the Hombres
How boys on the Ranch are starting to attend their own youth group.
Nov. 16 - Guatemala
Rocio's Backpack
She didn't dare to dream of an education, now Rocio is at university studying psychology, thanks to NPH.
Nov. 15 - Dominican Republic
Following in the Footsteps of Jesus
A group of young people promote spiritual development and participation in the church.
Nov. 14 - Honduras
Meeting the Needs of our Neighbors
How an NPH community outreach program helps educate and feed the neighboring community.
Nov. 4 - Guatemala
Commemorating Peace in Guatemala
NPHG is accorded a very special honor to mark the 20th anniversary of the Peace Accord.
Nov. 3 - Dominican Republic
Not a Day Without Rice
The most popular staple in the Dominican Republic.

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