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Aug. 16 - Haiti
NPH Haiti 30th Anniversary Gala
A great success...St. Damien's first fundraising gala.
Aug. 15 - Nicaragua
Camping with the NPH Family
NPH Nicaragua's camping trip made for two days to focus on our family values.
Aug. 14 - Mexico
63 Years of Hope and the Possibility of a Future
We enjoyed all the activities at the 63rd Anniversary of NPH.
Aug. 13 - El Salvador
New Daycare Program for Community Children
Early childhood stimulation supports healthy brain development.
Aug. 9 - Dominican Republic
The Family of Kikita
Kikita is a loving mother who is determined to give her children a better future.
Aug. 8 - Honduras
Casa Mi Esperanza - Expanding Deeper Into Honduras
Our new home is serving a larger population of Honduras' children.
Aug. 6 - Nicaragua
Vacation Time at NPH Nicaragua
NPH Nicaragua students had a two-week break from classes and made the most of their time off.
Aug. 4 - Honduras
Outside of our Walls
How an education scholarship program through NPH Honduras reaches outside of our walls to help those in the community.
Aug. 3 - Nicaragua
Home Away from Home
How one of the 'Programa Amor' students from the community receives opportunities for education, support, and fun in the NPH family.
Jul. 31 - Mexico
The Importance of Reaffirming Faith in Christ
49 NPH youths received the sacrament of Confirmation from Monsignor Ramón Castro.
Jul. 20 - Dominican Republic
Salven el Mundo
“Salven el mundo”: A theatrical presentation depicting the power children have to save the world by recycling
Jul. 12 - Honduras
Chatting Towards Healthier Lives
How chats given by medical staff are helping increase health education and reduce sickness.
Jul. 11 - Guatemala
Nature and Hard Work Provide Us with a Variety of Healthy Foods
Cultivating vegetables for healthy meals.
Jul. 10 - Mexico
Mayor of Cuernavaca Visits the Youth of NPH Mexico
The students of the high school were ecstatic to have the mayor of their town visit their home.
Jul. 10 - Mexico
Another Year of Pride for the NPH Family - Class of 2017
2017 Total Graduates across NPH Mexico's Educational Programs: 156
Jul. 6 - Mexico
From Seeds to Sustainability
A young girl describes the role she plays in the farm at NPH Mexico and speaks of the home's commitment to sustainability.

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