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Apr. 20
How Good Nutrition Builds the Complete Child
Malnutrition has serious consequences on the short- and long-term development of a child. Therefore, NPH ensures all children maintain a nutritious diet to thrive physically and mentally. NPH El Salvador explains how.
Apr. 16
From Ill Health to Academic Excellence
Alexandra comes from a very low-income family. She came to NPH El Salvador with many ailments. She is now excelling as a community student at our school. See how NPH turns lives around, in more ways than one.
Mar. 10
Our Voices: Melvin from NPH El Salvador
Before Melvin arrived at NPH El Salvador, he had never attended school. For Our Voices, he wrote a four page letter thanking God, godparents and NPH staff for supporting during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Feb. 12
Our Voices: Lucia from NPH El Salvador
Lucia is a dedicated university student, studying psychology. In her Our Voices letter, she shares her thoughts and concerns about the COVID-19 crisis and the impact on her family and communities in El Salvador.
Jan. 14
NPH El Salvador Youths Produce Works-of-Art
Through a donation of art supplies from Royal Talens and Diseño - Arte y Dibujo, 19 youths at NPH El Salvador had the opportunity to utilize their creative skills and produce some works-of-art.
Jun. 29
NPH El Salvador: "We are with you"
Boys at Casa Sagrada Familia send messages of love and hope to godparents and donors around the world.
May 21
Dr. Karla Monterrosa Answers COVID-19 Questions
Youths at NPH El Salvador asked their COVID-19 questions to Dr. Karla Monterrosa. This is what she had to say...
May 5
NPH El Salvador Brings Hope and Provisions to Vulnerable Communities
Inspired by our founder’s philosophy, NPH El Salvador helps hermanos mayores, community families, and those caring for vulnerable groups during the nationwide COVID-19 quarantine.
Apr. 30
NPH El Salvador Evolves To Meet Changing Needs in the Pandemic
Like homes and communities around the world, Casa Sagrada Familia bears the brunt of supply shortages, escalating costs, and local panic.
Apr. 15
Photo Essay: Living the Catholic Faith at NPH El Salvador
Despite the COVID-19 global pandemic, our home in El Salvador celebrated Holy Week in a unique way and reinforced the Christian values kids are taught in NPH homes.

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